Tectonic Plates

Tectonic Plates

Reviving the lost art of collecting and displaying plates.

The tradition of displaying plates goes back a long way, stretching back over 700 years to around the 1300's when the early trade routes with China (that had developed the process of making, firing and glazing porcelain almost 700 years before) opened up and porcelain objects became prized possessions for the European nobility of the time.

The art of collecting and displaying plates seems to have more or less skipped a generation (and that's where we come in).

We aim to re-engage people with plates and ceramics in a way that encourages people to see them as much more than simply functional objects - we want to re-introduce the notion that art and functionality live side by side. This is our aim, and Tectonic Plates are tools in the fight for a place in the contemporary consciousness.

We make each of these plates using the finest bone china, here in Stoke on Trent, the once all powerful epicentre of the global ceramics industry, which has been decimated over the last decade by a tsunami of factory closures and job losses, but is now fighting back.

We're doing our bit to spearhead a renaissance of the industry here in the UK and Tectonic Plates is one of our most exciting projects.

Tectonic Plates features our range of almost 300 plates, representing the creative endeavours of our new friends - almost 100 artists, designers, architects, illustrators, and general creative clever clogs. We hope you will like them.

Designed by various artists

Finest English Bone China

Made in Stoke on Trent, England

Each plate will come with a free book "Tectonic Plates" which documents and describes some of the range.

We can't keep stock for every one of our plates. If an item is currently "sold out" or the website does not allow you to order the quantity you would like, please contact us by email and we will put it into production right away. Please note the lead time for these items may be up to 4 weeks.