P&O Britannia

P&O Britannia - artwork for the oriental restaurant

We were commissioned by P&O to create 4 unique multi-plate installations for the amazing oriental restaurant on board P&O Britannia, the largest cruise ship built exclusively for Britain which made its maiden cruise in July 2015.

The ship itself is a masterpiece of design and engineering; being sophisticated, stylish and super luxurious steering way clear of the usual the over the top 'blinginess' and 'texan oil billionaire' style that features so heavily on many cruise ships.

Paul Bishop describes is thus: "In an attempt to reflect the grace and elegance of the ship and to convey a sense of movement I focussed on an oriental fan as the central motif, being struck by the graphic opportunities represented by the fan form and used these to create the installations.

The first pair of installations, each of which measures approximately 2.0m x 1.2m uses the fan as the basis of a super sized butterfly, each in turn being made from multiple smaller butterflies.  The second pair again use the fan, but this time I have created two large cloud trees - the exquisite painstakingly manicured horticultural works of art that grace many oriental gardens."

Designed by Paul Bishop for The New English

Finest English Bone China

Made in Stoke on Trent, England