Maxim is the energetic powerhouse and lead singer with the internationally famous band 'The Prodigy'. Born 1967 in England, multitalented Maxim has designed a range of cake plates, mocha cups & saucers, a large platter, and excitingly a soon to be unveiled collection of mugs exclusively for The New English.

Based on imagery drawn from his wonderful paintings (which are now gaining widespread international recognition) the range features an array of unusual creatures. Each distinctive, each imbued with its own characteristics but all sharing the species unique combination of delicacy and strength.

These wonderful items are made using the finest English Bone China, and are decorated with complex, multi-layer, screen printed, hand applied lithographs and include hand burnished 22kt gold accents. Each piece is made with loving using skills and techniques which have been passed on from generation to generation over the last 250 years.

Equally at home on a table, a wall, or display cabinet, these specimens are as much a piece of art as they are functional objects.

The population of the species is extremely limited with only 500 examples of each piece being available worldwide. Specimens are therefore rare and an extraordinarily highly prized possession which will provide endless delight to all those lucky enough to find one.

Find out more about Maxim and 'The Prodigy' on http://theprodigy.info/members/maxim.shtml