Harrods, London

Harrods, London, The Knightsbridge Range

To be able to design and make an exclusive dinner service for what many regard as the world's premier department store, was manna from heaven. Based on an art deco theme, introduced by Harrods as the background to their wide collection of own brand luxury items, the range, known as Knightsbridge, incorporates what we described as 'knurlling' (not a proper word probably) in other words the raised texture which is usually applied to metallic objects to make them easier to turn.

The mechanical, engineered feel along with lots of straight lines and angles reflected our interpretation of the theme. Achieving it in ceramics was however a real challenge. Eventually we decided that there should be no colour on the pieces only precious metals and to add a point of interest we decided to defy convention and  incorporate both gold and platinum on the same pieces. To give us the textural quality we used a technique called 'raised paste' which enables a 3 dimensional relief to be incorporated onto the design through the use of layers of paste which is fired onto the item before gilding.

As a mark of the success in which the range was received, it was subsequently chosen as the 'crockery of choice' for the executive dining room.

Designed by Paul Bishop for The New English

Finest English Bone China

Made in Stoke on Trent, England

22kt gold and platinum