Entomo Tea & Coffee

The rhythms of life in all its forms; the breathtaking power of the largest animals to the delicate beauty of its smallest provide us with an endless source of amazement and inspiration.

Entomo presents an array of some of the most important yet often misunderstood creatures on our planet. From the gossamer wings of the butterfly to the architectural magnificence of the stag beetle, each beautiful alone, together a pattern of wonderment and delight.

Designed by Monica Tsang

Finest English Bone China

Made in Stoke on Trent, England

Black Enamel Print or Platinum Print, Hand gilded and burnished Platinum bands and accents - except for Mug (Black Enamel Print only)

Can be used every day but washing by hand is recommended to help prevent hand painted Platinum detail fading over time.

If an item is currently "sold out" or the website does not allow you to order the quantity you would like, please contact us by email and we will put it into production right away. Please note the lead time for these items may be up to 8 weeks.