Daniel van Nes

Daniel van Nes produces multidisciplinary works including illuminated engravings, drawings, paintings, installations, performances and virtual reality. Reviving the centuries-old techniques of copper and wood engraving, he transposes them to modern materials and new visual concepts. He was born in 1972 in the Terneuzen, the Netherlands.

The artist is known for his installations incorporating unique engravings. Daniel van Nes has developed a new technique called ‘Illuminated Engraving’: the result of this meticulously handcrafted work can only be seen using light.

The work he creates reflects on both social and technological developments within the modern day industrial world, in which concepts such as identity and reality often play a role. Arranging characters and elements in a ‘machine noir’ setting, he illuminates an undefined world that may be waiting for us in the future, or for some already exist in the present.

Daniel van Nes has created some limited editions pieces exclusively for The New English. All of these pieces are made of English Fine Bone China using traditional methods in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Find out more under http://www.nessed.nl/