Amnesty International

Amnesty International, 100th Anniversary

Here's the challenge: design an item which is both celebratory, recognising 100 years of existence and endeavour, with the need to raise awareness of the strive to abolish the death penalty. Tricky.....

When we were commissioned by Amnesty International to design and make a Limited Edition tea cup and saucer - that was the challenge we faced. After lots of head scratching and cogitation, we came upon the idea that the thing that links both these things, and indeed what links all of us is humanity. The humanity of those who work to abolish the death penalty and fight for freedom for the oppressed, with the humanity that is the right of every person, regardless of their guilt or actions.

And so, as a metaphor for humanity we chose to use the platelet, one of the core components of blood, the life force which connects us all. So we set about creating a piece using platelets, and for good measure we added in the barbed wire which is so symbolic of Amnesty International's work.

Designed by Paul Bishop for The New English

Finest English Bone China

Made in Stoke on Trent, England

22kt gold